Motivation-A key to success.

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How can MOTIVATION be a key to success?

The way a learner gets energized to do and activity or sustains their behaviour towards an activity, depends on the amount of motivation we provide them. A particular activity may help a learner to reach their desired goals or to reach its full potential, only when they feel motivated while doing the activity.

Motivation given to a learner may be extrinsic, which relies on external rewards or intrinsic, which relies on child’s internal values of feeling good. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation forms the key factor for success in any learner’s educational life and teachers can play an essential role in every time.

If learners are motivated in a proper way it helps them to feel more excited for learning which in turn develops a deeper understanding for any given topic. Although, some children have a natural love for learning and are self-motivated but for the rest learning can be made fun and thereby, inspire them to reach their full potential.

Some ways to help the learners feel motivated are:

  • Give them a sense of control.
  • Regularly offer them rewards.Motivation
  • Allow collaboration among students.
  • Draw connections to real-life.
  • Often encourage Guest speakers.
  • Develop the culture of blended classrooms.
  • Consider flexible learning environments.
  • Provide constructive feedback.
  • Involve them in planning.


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